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Parkersburg Slaying Trial of Delight Shepard

Parkersburg —(AP) — ( A statement put into the record at Roger Dean Wilson’s murder trial Wednesday quoted him the “I was mad, real Mad.”  Wilson , 19, is accused of the strangulation death of Mrs. Delight Shepard, 37.

      Mrs. Shepard’s body was found March 13 1961 in the back room of her Grocery Store on Marrtown Road near Parkersburg. Wilson, an unemployed truck driver was arrested in Gallipolis , Ohio on March 17 1961. The statement was one Wilson allegedly gave State Trooper R. E. Dalton in verbal fashion, and later signed in the presence of two witnesses after his arrest.  Wilson is from Waterford , Ohio .

      In one part of the statement, Wilson in effect admitted having a fight with Mrs. Shepard, but said that he didn’t remember anything after hitting her with a shoe that he removed to strike her. The fight apparently started, the statement indicated when Mrs. Shepard asked Wilson to go into the store from her adjoining apartment and Get her a Candy Bar. Wilson had been living in the store building.

      When he returned with the wrong kind of Candy Bar, the statement said Mrs. Shepard cursed Wilson and took off her own shoe to hit him. Wilson said he then took off one of his shoes to throw at her. The state told the all male jury that if would waive the death penalty in quest of a second-degree murder conviction. Before the trial was recessed Wednesday, about six state witnesses had been called.

      Another Part of the statement quoted Wilson that he left the store and put water in a car he also has been indicted for stealing. The statement said that he then returned to the store. Wilson was quoted that he opened Mrs. Shepard’s mouth and “saw blood coming from it. That is what made me think she was dead.


Held in Slaying, Hangs Himself In State Hospital

Weston , WV —(AP)—Roger Dean Wilson, who was convicted in the strangulation of a Wood County woman last March, hanged himself Friday at the Weston State Hospital , Lewis County Coroner D. D. Chapman reported.

Dr. Chapman said Wilson , 19 year-old unemployed truck driver from Waterford , Ohio , had fashioned a noose from bed sheets and tied one end to the bars in the window in the criminal ward of the mental hospital.

A patient in the ward found the body.

Wilson was convicted by a fury at Parkersburg last May 13 of voluntary manslaughter in strangulation of Mrs. Delight Shepard, 37, who operated a small grocery store near Parkersburg . He was captured at Gallipolis , Ohio .


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