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Brownie scout troop no. 58 - 1st row Patricia Cottrill - Sharron Chichister - 2nd row Cayln Chichister - Clara Belle Eton - Carol Jean Little - Sandra Rheboltz - Nola Ann Williams -3rd row Sharon Hill - Pauline Riel - Carylon Harris - Gail Brookover - Judy Uhl











Marrtown float 1963 Linda Lambert Terry Ingram - Roger Bradley


Horse - Sandy Brookover  ( one of the first riders on new school ground)










PTA - Icie Lea Miller, Hulda Bradley, Thomas Cain (Chamber of Commerce), Helen Yarnell, Pat Reed, Eloise Ingram, Mrs. Naylor, Clara Butcher (seated)


Scout Troop Cub Scout-den 3 pack 2 front row:  Raliegh Hill, Bob Goosman-den chief, Ingril Burkholder standing: Donald Cottrill, Ronald Newhart


Scout Troop 2 Mrs. Glenna Logston-leader - Donnette Whitehead - Canice Canary - Shirley Davis Sonja Marie Logston - Susie Bailey - Helen Lutz - Lurah Dae Bailey - Mrs. Levada Wolfe-assistant leader not pictured: - Shirley Patterson -  Betty Lou Ward - Joann Ward - & Susie Hardman




Elizabeth (Hague )  Province


Sisters Jennie & Margaret Holtz


The old Marrtown School being torn down


Jennie Holtz Tebay EBAY & ella Burke


Ella Burke & Jennie Holtz Tebay


Jennie Holtz Tebay with her Daughter Donna Tebay Harpold


Earl Tebay - Inez Holtz - Nephew & the son of Jennie Holtz Tebay Earl was born March 13, 1895


Charles Gordon Holtz, son of Homer & Gertrude Sams Holtz


Charles Gordon Holtz,  son of Homer & Gertrude Sams Holtz


Ottie Patterson Shutts & Connie Sams Bryan walking home from School on Marrtown Road by the Gulf oil Station & the Ohio River  


Rev. & Mrs. Marlow


Joe Anderson & Elva Marlow Anderson & there Family


Connie Sams Bryan 2nd grade Marrtown School


Matha Jane Sams Russell, Marrtown School around 1943, 6 Grade  


Floyd  "Bud" Sams


Bible School at the Marrtown Presbyterian Church . Connie Sams Bryan sitting in bottom row with children on lap, Nola Ann Williams, Bud Sams, Pauline Riel, Sharon Hill, Janice Canary


Mrs. Welling & Mrs. Marlow


Connie Sams Bryan with Nana Bryan's clean and beautiful '57 Chevy she drove it until she was almost 90 years of age. around 1978


Jim Shepherd


Francis & Chuck Shepherd


Chuck & Francis Shepherd



Robert Wright


Kim Miller, Marilee Nutt, Dixie Comer Haverty, Robin Miller, Luann Nutt, & Pearl Comer Nutt


Belle Sams Wolfe - grandma of Jim Wolfe, great aunt of Connie Sams


Belle Sams Wolfe - grandma of Jim Wolfe, great aunt of Connie Sams


Jim Grogan August 1955


Martha Hill's kids L to R  Sharon - Michael  - Shirly - Susan Hill  


Seldon Kruger Hill old car


Seldon Hill


Martha Hill  


Seldon & Martha Hill's kids. Shirley Ann Hill, Susan Kay Hill, Sharon Irene Hill, Michael Wayne Hill


Wedding day; Seldon Kruger Hill and Martha Louise Hill - October 10, 1936


Mike - Seldon - Martha - Sharon - Shirley & Susan Hill



Michael Wayne Hill in Jr. High School


Susan Kay Hill age 1 1/2 TO 2 Years  


Michael Wayne Hill in High School


Michael Wayne Hill


Mike - Susan- Shirley Hill - House on Hill Ave.


Stan Shepherd  


Jeffrey Beckwith  


Benjamin Franklin Hill - Prudence (Prudy), Mary Davis Hill - row 2 - Seldon  - Goley, - Albert - Charles, Ellis Hill


Martha Louise Hill  


1956 School Trip  




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